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CSPP Faculty Confronts Cyberbullying in U-T San Diego

Alliant International University Clinical Psychology Professor Ronald Stolberg, Ph.D. recently published an article in U-T San Diego titled, “New Apps Encourage Cyberbullying,” co-authored with licensed clinical psychologist Darlene Sweetland, Ph.D. Stolberg and Sweetland highlight the rise in cyberbullying  as mobile apps make it possible to communicate anonymously. They argue that children are becoming more susceptible to […]

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Dr. Jason Platt and a child participating in an annual camp designed to enhance self-esteem, build confidence and increase resiliency in Mexican youth. The annual day camp is hosted at Alliant International University’s Mexico City campus.

APA Article Highlights Importance of Psychological Immersion Programs

A recent article in gradPSYCH magazine, a publication of the American Psychological Association, highlights Alliant’s International Counseling Psychology Master of Arts program dedicated to giving psychology students more opportunities to leverage their expertise in Spanish. This program was created by Jason Platt, Ph.D., out of a need to provide U.S. psychologists with the training to serve […]

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2015 Multicultural Neuropsychology Conference

On April 11, 2015 Alliant Los Angeles is hosting the second annual Multicultural Neuropsychology Conference. This year there are three guest speakers, Dr. Terece Bell, Dr. April Thames and Dr. Olivia Hsin, speaking on a variety of topics including how to use a neuropsychological approach to assess learning disabilities in children and adolescents from under-served communities and […]

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California Psychological Association Offers Membership to Master’s Students

The California Psychological Association of Graduate Students (CPAGS) is now offering membership to Alliant International University master’s students not enrolled in doctoral programs. The California Psychological Association (CPA), including its graduate student division, is a non-profit professional association for licensed psychologists and others affiliated with the delivery of psychological services. In addition to the role of advocate for the profession […]

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Ecopsychology and Shamanism Presentation at Alliant San Francisco

On Thursday, April 2, 2015 Alliant San Francisco will host a presentation titled “Ecopsychology and Shamanism.” This presentation offers an overview of global indigenous psychology and the role of shamanism in human evolution. Additionally, it will trace American psychology’s forgotten roots in spiritus mundi. Dr. Leslie Gray will discuss specific differences and overlap between indigenous […]

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Cultural Sensitivity Presentation: Working with Arab American Clients

On Tuesday, March 31, 2015 Alliant San Francisco will host a culturally focused presentation titled “Working with Arab American Clients: A Culturally Relevant, Sensitive and Competent Approach.” This presentation is designed to help attendees develop a better understanding of the Arab American population, examine the expectations that Arab American clients have of their mental health […]

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Two-day Parenting Coordination Training at Alliant San Diego

On April 17 and 18, 2015 the California School of Professional Psychology and Alliant San Diego will host a two-day parenting coordination training program for mediators, custody evaluators, lawyers, judges, therapists and all other professionals who work with separated or divorced parents and their children. This event will be presented by special guest Dr. Matthew […]

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Music Therapy Training Event Presented by Alliant CFT-CSPP Art Therapy Club

The couple and family therapy program at Alliant Los Angeles is holding an event titled Pieces of Harmony: The Application of Music Therapy-Based Techniques for the Mental Health Clinician. Music therapy is the systematic use of music as an intervention tool for therapy when applied by a certified music therapist. This presentation is an experiential and educational workshop […]

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The Rose Hill Foundation Awards Grant to Dr. Susan Regas

Alliant International University has been granted an award of $150,000 from The Rose Hills Foundation so that Dr. Susan Regas, CSPP-LA distinguished professor of clinical psychology, can continue the Family Support Services (FSS) program that she and Dr. John Bakaly and Dr. Ronda Doonan, CSPP-LA associate professors of clinical psychology, established in 2010 in conjunction with […]

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